The Ultimate Heal Heals Everything!

4.34 8,300,000
Atl Titles: How the useless me redeemed himself by picking up and fixing pieces of junk into ultra-rare items after I left the village! 極めたヒールがすべてを癒す!~村で無用になった僕は、拾ったゴミを激レアアイテムに修繕して成り上がる!~ The ultimate healing heals everything! Kiwameta Heal ga Subete o Iyasu!~ Mura de Muyō ni Natta Boku wa, Hirotta Gomi o Geki Rare Item ni Shūzen Shite Nariagaru!~
Official status: Ongoing
Published: Sep 18, 2021 to Aug 6, 2022
Rank: 13980
Volumes: Unknown

The Ultimate Heal Heals Everything! Summary:

Due to a certain trauma, the young Lars who lost his family started practicing the use of the recovery magic "Heal" in earnest. Even after 10 years, though, his Heal is considered but a basic spell and the townsfolk see him as a burden for the village. And so, he finally resolves to leave. But...
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