Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

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Atl Titles: 전지적 독자 시점 Lecteur omniscient Lector omnisciente ORV Punkt Widzenia Wszechwiedzącego Czytelnika Всеведущий читатель دیدگاه خواننده‌ی همه‌چی‌دون وجهة نظر القارئ العراف อ่านชะตาวันสิ้นโลก 全知的な読者の視点から 全知讀者視角 全知读者 전독시 Jeonjijeok Dokja Sijeom Omniscient Reader Der allwissende Leser Toàn Trí Độc Giả 全知读者视角 Góc nhìn của Độc giả Toàn tri
Official status: Ongoing
Published: May 26, 2020 to ?
Rank: 206
Volumes: Unknown

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Summary:

‘This is a development that I know of.’ The moment he thought that, the world had been destroyed, and a new universe had unfolded. The new life of an ordinary reader begins within the world of the novel, a novel that he alone had finished.

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